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Homeless Dogs and Cats
Outnumber Homeless People
123 to 1 in the U.S.
Approximately 3.3 Million
Dogs Enter U.S. Shelters
Nationwide Every Year
Less Than 50% of the 3.3
Million Dogs in Shelters are
Adopted Each Year
Millions of Dogs are Euthanized
Each Year Because Shelters
are Too Full, and There are Not
Enough Adopters & Foster Homes
70% of People Who Acquire
Animals End Up Giving Them
Away, Abandoning Them, or Taking
Them to Shelters

The Solution

Rescue Renegade was created to build an exclusive ARMY of qualified (and certified) dog fosters dedicated to helping save the lives of dogs in desperate need of homes. Rescue Renegades are trained, certified and then matched with the highest priority home surrenders in need of foster assistance. By matching Rescue Renegades directly with home surrenders, we decrease the chance these dogs are abandoned or abandoned at the pound (or other kill shelters). Rescue Renegade also partners with national rescue organizations to further help their foster needs. Want to be the change you want to see in the world? Becoming a Rescue Renegade will give you that opportunity to make a difference if just for one of the millions of dogs who need our help!
Certified Rescue Renegades
Dogs Saved
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Kai Needs A Second Chance

Every Dog Deserves a Rescue Renegade

Almost One Year Later... See Kai Now!

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